As a creative professional, what things really matter? What things help us have the right perspective through the peaks and valleys of our career?

Last December, we asked our online community what goals they had for the new year. The responses included statements like this:

“I want to start my own production company.”
“I want to become a better storyteller.”
“I want to work with bigger clients.”

These are goals thatrequire more than the latest camera technology in order to achieve. They are goals that require insight and support from a community of creatives.

Ty Evans, Ghost Digital Cinema

To help get the conversation started, we followed Ty Evans and Ghost Digital Cinema out to Camp Woodward: a place where action sports and digital media collide.

Discover Ty’s passion and perspective on filmmaking, as we take some time to go “Beyond the Gear.”

Discover why Ty Evans and Ghost Digital Cinema spent a week at Camp Woodward as we go #BeyondTheGear.

Ty Evans explains the importance of taking risks as a filmmaker as 12 year-old Asher Bradshaw attempts a 1260 at Camp Woodward.

Ty Evans explains “the secret to life” and we get to hear from a few new friends from Camp Woodward.

As a means of inspiration and encouragement to the online community, please consider sharing your thoughts by answering the question listed below.

Big thanks goes out to Ty Evans, Ghost Digital Cinema, and Camp Woodward for helping us go Beyond the Gear.