If you’re looking for a daily dose of creative, visual inspiration, look no further than Zach Lower.Zach’s #mydailysnippet project and this clever 501 monitor animation put him on our radar.

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I had the chance to talk with Zach via Skype to talk more about his daily Instagram edits, what drives him as a creative professional, and what advice he’d give other freelance filmmakers looking to discover their unique style.

Listed below are some highlights from my interview with Zach. He truly has a refreshing perspective on modern freelance filmmaking.

365 days + of daily Instagram edits

Zach used his #mydailysnippet project to discover his style and sharpen his craft. The 15 second time restraint Instagram had in 2015 taught him how to quicklytell a great visual story.

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Instead of trying to find work that allowed him to express his creative vision, he expressed his creative vision and the work found him.

The “rolling portfolio”

We all know how difficult it is to keep a website updated. For Zach, using Instagram as a “rolling portfolio” allowed him to showcase his skill and his style on the daily.

Zach has gotten several business inquiries from Instagram. He helped us launch the Pan-Tilt Mount for the 500 Series monitor and has done several projects with Death to Stock.

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Get out and start creating!

Zach’s advice to filmmakers trying to make it professionally was simple: go out and start shooting for yourself; as much as you can.

In addition, he’s a firm believer that you use the technology that you have available to you. His low-budget, high impact style helped inspire our Beyond the Gear campaign.

Follow Zach!

We want to thank Zach for his time and for all his inspiration. Give him a follow on Instagram (you’ll love seeing what he’s up to).

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