SmallHD 702 Bright + Golden Mean Overlay

It was only a matter of time before someone discoveredhow cool image overlay on SmallHD monitors can be.

Cinematographer, Anthony Brown, is using the image overlay feature on his SmallHD 500 Series monitor to do some creatively awesome things in the name of composition.

Similar to the Rule of Thirds, The Golden Meanisanother framing guide (arguably more naturally dynamic), that can be used by photographers and cinematographers to create powerful compositions.

Anthony has provided adownloadable Golden Mean Pack filled with image overlays designed to be used with monitors capable of loading and displaying images over teal-time video(like the SmallHD 500, 700, and DP7-PRO Series).

Golden Mean Download

Here are some notes about the pack from Anthony:

“There is a Phi grid for each aspect ratio and a Golden Spiral for each corner per aspect ratio in three colours (so as to give an alternative to the focus assist colour).

This isn’t a pack designed to make a rule about composition, it’s there to give an alternative to the other tools available (Thirds, Quadrants etc), these guides, whether in your eye piece or in your mind are there to support continuum of motion, cutting one shot to another within a scene that requires cohesion is kind of the point of a guide, it can dictate the relevant headroom, eye lines and screen space the talent takes up and helps a wide shot to a an extreme close up all share a relatable formula of composition. It also enables you to not shoot for the guide for off balance composition.

At the end of the day, if you don’t know what the rule is you can’t break it.

The pack has been designed for use with 1.77:1/16:9 image sensors, 4:3 modes (Alexa, GH4 etc) is compatible with the pack in conjunction with the 500/700 series and DP7 anamorphic desqueeze tool, after desqueeze the anamorphic image is compatible with the guides from 16:9 pack you just need to consider the magnification of your anamorphic lens and the corresponding aspect ratio it creates, for example 4:3 with 2x anamorphic lens/adapter = 2.66:1 aspect ratio so the 2.66:1 set of guides from 16:9 Golden Mean Guide Pack is the one you would select.
Open gate for the Arri ALEXA and native DCi 1.9:1 2K/4K ratio sensors will be added to the pack before the end of the year. If anyone has any requests feel free to send me a tweet or two.”

Be sure to thank Anthony for his efforts on Twitter or Instagram if you end up downloading the Golden Mean Pack.

And if you have a creative use for the Image Overlay feature, let us know about it by connecting with us (@smallhd) on your favorite social channel).