If you’re looking to increase your production value by adding a wireless monitor to your arsenal this could be the Ace up your sleeve.

Professional quality wireless video is more obtainable than ever before thanks to the new wireless video system from Teradek.

Teradek Ace 500 RX and TX wireless system

Industry Leading Technology

The Teradek Ace 500 is an affordable zero-delay wireless video system for budget-conscious videographers. With the ability to transmit 1080p60 wireless video up to 500 feet, the Teradek Ace 500 TX & RX set offers tremendous versatility, reliability, and production value.

Equipped with 1/4” 20 mounting points and an HDMI input, the Teradek Ace 500 TX can be added to nearly any camera setup. The transmitter sends uncompressed, Full HD wireless video to the RX unit. The Teradek Ace 500 RX outputs the signal via HDMI to the monitor it is attached to, with less than 1 millisecond of delay.

Teradek Ace 500

Expandable Ecosystem

The Teradek Ace 500 TX can be paired with up to 4 different Teradek Ace/Bolt receivers (compatible with all current Bolt 500, LT & XT models and integrated SmallHD Bolt monitors). This means that the Teradek Ace 500 not only makes a good “wireless startup package,” it gives filmmakers the ability to add more wireless options as their needs/team grows.

In addition to the Teradek Ace 500 TX & RX Set, Teradek has created several SmallHD FOCUS monitor/Ace 500 bundles.

FOCUS + Ace Bundles

The Director’s Monitor Bundle includes a 5 or 7-inch SmallHD FOCUS Bolt RX (A touchscreen monitor with a built-in wireless receiver) and a Teradek Ace 500 TX. This bundle gives filmmakers a lightweight transmitter and a fully featured wireless monitor, equipped with handles and a neckstrap.

Complementary to the Director’s Bundle is the Teradek Ace 500 On-Camera Monitor Bundle. With a FOCUS Bolt 500 TX (A 5” monitor with a built-in wireless transmitter) and a Teradek Ace 500 RX, this bundle is well suited for filmmakers that already own an HDMI monitor, that’s simply missing wireless functionality.

The Teradek Ace 500 units can be powered via the 3.5mm barrel input using either a PTap/2pin power source or one of several battery plate accessories. Battery plate options are BP-9, LP-E6, NP-F, and BP-U.

Whether you’re looking to go wireless for the first time or looking to add more functionality to your current wireless workflow, consider adding the Ace 500 TX & RX to your arsenal today.

Teradek Ace 500 Transmitter

Teradek Ace 500 HDMI Wireless Video Transceiver Set
SKU: 10-1805
MSRP: $999.95

Teradek Ace 500 HDMI Wireless Video Transmitter
SKU: 10-1806
MSRP: $549.95

Teradek Ace 500 HDMI Wireless Video Receiver
SKU: 10-1807
MSRP: $549.95

Teradek Ace 500 Receiver