P3X Upgrade

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P3X Upgrade Explained

More details and FAQs about the P3X panel upgrade.

For those interested in upgrading their 1703 Studio or 1703 HDR monitor(s) to the 1703 P3X, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Purchase the upgrade by selecting either the 1703 Studio or 1703 HDR upgrade item.
  2. After you purchase the upgrade, our upgrade coordinator will reach out via email to schedule the update.


Shipping – Customers will be responsible for shipping the monitor(s) to SmallHD for the upgrade. International customers will also be responsible for return shipping cost.

How long will the upgrade take? – Our goal is to complete the upgrade within 72 hours of receiving the monitor. For this reason, upgrades will be scheduled based on P3X panel and labor availability.