Monitors Designed for Your Production’s Needs

SmallHD creates, builds, and retails high-end monitoring solutions for every filmmaker – from burgeoning content creators to blockbuster directors. We are proud to design, build, and ship all products from the United States, with our headquarters located in Cary, North Carolina. With over a decade dedicated to crafting some of the most innovative, bright, and affordable monitoring solutions on the market, SmallHD has quickly become an industry leader.

Founded in 2007 by Wes Phillips and Dale Backus, SmallHD has always been about innovation, with a less-than-traditional origin story. In 2006, the pair entered and won Doritos’ Crash the Super Bowl Contest with a low-budget commercial that launched their career. Using their prize money, the two began creating the monitor they needed. “At the end of it all, it boiled down to the fact that we didn’t have a monitor that was portable and that could have HDMI-in and VGA-in to monitor the computer. We looked online and couldn’t find anything with a decent price point that had decent resolution.” So they got to work, creating SmallHD’s first product: The DP1. 

Since that first launch, SmallHD has continued to focus on creating solutions to the problems filmmakers face while offering prices that speak to those early into their careers as well as filmmaking veterans, being the first company to offer an affordable on-DSLR/mirrorless camera monitor with our FOCUS 5. We’re proud to offer durability, brightness that makes daylight visibility a no-brainer, and industry-favorite software we’ve perfected over thousands of hours and trials.

Today, SmallHD is a part of the Creative Solutions Division of Videndum plc, allowing us to grow our offerings and partner with some of the best filmmaking solutions in the industry. We now sell a line of 4K monitors, our fan-favorite Ultra Bright series, and Action 5, our entry level monitor designed to elevate and simplify your shots. And working with Wooden Camera and Teradek, we’ve brought wireless monitoring to film sets around the world.

Customers can also shop our products at Creative Solutions Los Angeles, opened in Burbank, California in 2015 to better serve the local film industry. Here you can explore the different products and kits in person, seeing how SmallHD looks and functions in real life, as well as how the products work in conjunction with other Videndum plc offerings to create unique, thoughtful setups.

Shopping directly with SmallHD, you can expect a high level of support, free shipping, and the best prices available, a thank you to our customers for supporting the business and a guarantee that you’ll be satisfied.