PageOs 4

SmallHD Software Toolset

The next chapter for U and I

HD Monitors

Available for all models except DP4, AC7, and DP7 PRO series.

4K Production Series

Exclusive firmware download for the new OLED 22 & Cine 24



PageOS 4 introduces next-level speed and simplicity for SmallHD operators. With a fresh look, new Page tools, and HDR signal management, OS 4 maximizes the monitor's efficiency without getting in the way.



Features Added:

  • Improved Teradek RT Integration
    • The new tool has moved to “Overlays” instead of “Add-ons” in the tools menu.
    • Added RT handset configuration menu to tool menu
    • Added motor calibration in menus
    • Added RT system status info - battery, wireless channel, connected motors
    • Focus/Iris/Zoom scales can be repositioned to left/right/top/bottom
    • Range finder readout scale can be resized
    • Added option to 'Avoid camera Overlays'
    • Improve Range finder and DOF readability


  • “New Page” Menu
    • Users may now choose between a blank video page, a video page with a premade template that automatically adds a set of tools, or one of the relevant “special” page types: multi, output, camera control, etc. This allows users to delete the multi-view and output pages and add them back in later if they decide to use them.


  • Improved Function Buttons
    • Tools may now be assigned to function buttons. Production monitor ‘page’ buttons may now be used as function buttons. Additional functions now available.


  • New Multi-View UI
    • A brand new menu was added for configuring inputs and tools of the sub-pages of the “multiview” page.
    • Tools may now be moved off the video on the multi-view page.
    • Changing multiview page inputs no longer affects the monitor’s primary input.


  • New Anchor Points & UI when arranging tools on a page.


  • New Color Pipe Menu
    • Allows storage of all color-pipe configurations in a single place.
    • Allows users to now force the monitor to treat video as Full or Studio level.
    • Enhanced Log Conversions: there are now “Highlight Protect” and “Black Point Shift” sliders that can be used to ‘tweak’ the built-in log conversion algorithm. These sliders allow creating high quality Rec709 video from any log video.


  • New “Dashboard” displayed on settings page.
    • Only available on monitors with multiple inputs.
    • Quickly access and adjust the most commonly used settings items.
    • May be disabled if users prefer.


  • New Navigation Element
    • Instead of the toolbar appearing briefly when swiping between pages, a new element will display along the bottom of the screen. This shows the currently selected page and adjacent pages. Tapping on this element on touchscreens immediately jumps to the corresponding page.


  • Look Tool Improvements
    • The “Look” tool used to require a 3D LUT. Now the tool also offers contrast, brightness, saturation, gains, and offsets sliders that are applied whether or not a LUT has also been added to the Look. This is intended to partially replace the old “appearance” settings menu which no longer has these options.


  • Aspect Guides 2:1 & 4:5 now available


  • New UI Theme
    • Most menus now have a new look and feel.
    • Many more UI elements should give immediate feedback when they are touched


  • New Calibration Experience
    • Customers may now revert to the factory calibration at any time without losing their most recent calibration.
    • A new “wizard” walks users through the calibration process, ensuring we properly handle legal/full input video, and that the monitor is in the proper state to be measured by a calibration probe.
    • Calibrations may now be “manually adjusted” by altering a set of cont/bright/sat/gain/offset sliders. These may be used for calibration either in place of or in addition to a 3D LUT.


  • Appearance Settings Changes
    • Users are now expected to make changes to cont/bright/sat/gains/offsets through either the manual adjustment of a calibration, or through the Look tool. No longer available directly in the appearance menu.


  • Support for the Focus Pro monitor

  • Support for the Focus Pro OLED monitor


Bugs Fixed:

  • Shotover add-on no longer breaks downstream audio
  • Enabling HDMI output no longer disables SDI2 IN on some monitors
  • Fixed scaling issues on FOCUS
  • Audio Meters no longer freeze when audio is removed, clip markers are more accurate
  • Improved support for SD formats
  • “Grill” style test patterns no longer cause artifacts
  • HDMI Power Off feature on FOCUS products is no longer enabled during updates
  • Fixed a bug occasionally causing a mishandling of input video range
  • Fixed a bug with the tool indicators shown above pages in the Pages menu
  • Fixed occasional popping noise heard when switching inputs


Recommended Practices

  • Connect third party external recorders directly downstream of your source device (i.e. camera), not downstream of the monitor.


Previous Firmware Downloads
download version 3.6.5


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