Eliminate LUT boxes by utilizing the newest feature added to SmallHD 4K Production Monitors: Pomfort Livegrade is now an integrated plug-in, enabling colorists and DITs to connect their reference monitor with a computer via single Ethernet cable, transforming their monitor into a dual-purpose color grading tool.

With Small4K Video Processing Architecture, use any of the four independent 12G-SDI or 4K HDMI input ports to ingest a video signal directly from your camera, generate creative LUTs within Livegrade, monitor your corrections on-screen, and send out the adjusted image to your cinematographer or video village--all in real time.

If you’re not familiar with SmallHD 4K Production Monitors, learn more by Clicking Here

Here’s how it works:

  1. Connect the monitor with a computer running Livegrade via ethernet cable
  2. Apply Livegrade as a tool to any standard page within the monitor settings

a. Click the joystick on the face of your monitor to bring up the Toolbar

b. Navigate: Add ToolAdd-OnsLivegrade

i. ‘Add to This Page’ enables Livegrade correction within a single Page

ii. ‘Add to All Pages’ applies Livegrade globally to all of the monitor’s feeds



3. Add the monitor as a device within Livegrade

a. Launch Pomfort Livegrade on your computer

b. On the Livegrade main window, click Devices to open Device Manager

i. Click on Add Device 

ii. The monitor should automatically appear within the list of devices. Select SmallHD, and when the configuration window appears, click Add Device

iii. When properly configured, a green button will appear next to the SmallHD device within the Device Manager, indicating an active connection between your computer and the monitor. Return to the main Livegrade window, and your SmallHD monitor will now be displayed as a device within the Grading Slot.

iv. If the SmallHD device does not appear, manual configuration may be necessary:

            • Navigate: Main MenuSlotsAdd Device
            • Once the configuration window appears, click Refresh
            • SmallHD will appear as a device: Select the item and click Add Device


NOTE: If Livegrade does not recognize SmallHD as a device, the monitor’s IP address may be incorrectly configured. 

            • Within the monitor, click the joystick and toggle all the way to the left to open the Settings menu
            • Navigate: System IP AddressRequest New IP Address
            • Click Request, and a new IP address will generate  
            • Return to Livegrade and attempt to reconnect



4. Adjust the monitor’s image feed within Livegrade

You’re connected! As you work within Livegrade, watch as your image comes to life on screen… in real time. Send a live feed via video-out, so your color corrections can be viewed by other on-set collaborators.


We’re excited about this new integration with Pomfort as we continue to simplify on-set monitoring workflow. We would like to hear your feedback to further develop functionality, so please feel free to contact us at ProductTeam@SmallHD.com


SmallHD 4K Production Monitors

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