Why do I keep getting an Error 80 on Canon 7D with DP4?

The power management capabilities on the 7d leave much to be desired. Basically if you have the camera attached to the monitor it can cause the camera to have an error 80 where you need to remove your battery to reset the camera. It seems there are several ways to avoid this. 
1. Try turning the camera on before the monitor. 
2. Try turning both devices on before attaching them via hdmi. 
3. Make sure you have fully charged batteries in your camera when you go through the boot up process.

We have found a way to modify the hardware on the DP4 that makes it
so that this power procedure is not neccessary. All of our current DP4's
are shipping out with this mod in place. If you have an older DP4 and
are having this problem please contact support and we will send you a
return authorization so you can send it in for a hardware upgrade.